ARTICLES | July 23rd, 2007
Speedball 2 features dedicated server solution

As the first sports-game for PC, Speedball 2 will feature dedicated servers for fast paced online-gaming. In contrast to other games of the genre, publisher Frogster and developer Kylotonn will bring the central server systems online along with the release. In discarding a peer-to-peer solution, Speedball 2 will avoid client lags for players with slower connections, which are regarded as a significant disadvantage particularly in esport competitions. Thus, the technological basis of Speedball 2 facilitates professional online-gaming from the outset.

Multiplayer-fans will throw themselves into the tough Speedball battles via LAN and internet. The so called ?game center? will build the core of the multiplayer infrastructure. This ambitious gaming platform provides access to worldwide online matches and tournaments. Players even place their own clan and player profile on the portal. With miscellaneous community tools and chat functions, they keep in touch with their buddies or challenge opponents to friendly or league matches. Speedball 2 allows free styling of team and clan logos as well as individual design of suits of armour for each team. The remake of the computergames classic also features diverse management functions like the individual choice of players, their line-up and the tactical alignment of the team. To guarantee fair competitions, Speedball 2 will make use of anti-cheating-tools. Images, news and videos can be found at

Team ?Brutal Deluxe? returns

In 2326, rival gangs form an ultra-violent streetsports league to settle their deadly disputes called Speedball 2. Two teams face each other in bloody battles for a steel ball. Nine on nine ? in an all-out rush on the opponents? goal. Almost any malicious move is permitted. The winner of the matches secures supremacy over the city. In the third quarter of 2007, Frogster Interactive is set to publish Speedball 2 as the highly anticipated sequel to the Amiga classic. The new release for the PC platform transforms the futuristic game setting with state-of-the-art technology into a high-speed online sports spectacle. Offering international leagues, a worldwide ranking system and a virtual marketplace, Speedball 2 pulls all registers of modern multiplayer gaming action. A wide range of fully customisable male, female and cyborg characters, dynamic sports battles, and continuous community support will convince sports simulation enthusiasts, action fans, and e-sports experts likewise. For the production of Speedball 2, developer Kylotonn has assembled a fresh team of experienced game designers and programmers. With photo-realistic 3D models, breathtaking animations and futuristic arenas for Speedball 2, the French developer team, already renowned for the ?Bet on Soldier? trilogy, heads for a stunning comeback. As eminent advisor and lead producer, Mike Montgomery will supervise all steps in the development of Speedball 2. Since 1987, when he founded The Bitmap Brothers, he has been behind the legendary original as well as classics like Xenon Megablast, The Chaos Engine, Gods, Cadaver, Magic Pockets and Z.

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