ARTICLES | July 23rd, 2007
ClanBase announces EuroCup LAN final details

With most of the EuroCups either concluded or running to an end, the time has come to announce the details of the EuroCup Grand finals for those prestigious teams who have made it this far in the competition. With over ?25,000 worth of prizes being given away by our two major sponsors, and the event is certainly going to be a high stakes one. The top 4 teams from 3 games will participate in the grand finals.

The Grand finals are going to take place on the weekend of the 8th/9th September, at the WZZRD LAN center in Enschede, Holland, 24 PC’s will be dedicated to the competition, and a large amount of CB admins will be on hand to administer the event. we are certainly looking forward to a lively event.

This event has been brought to your by our sponsors, ,, and WZZRD.

The ?20.000 cash prize money will be divided into:

Counter-Strike 1.6: ? 10.000
Call of Duty 2: ? 6.000
Warcraft 3: ? 4.000

The remainder of the money is being given out through hardware prizes courtesy of to our other cups.

Currently all 3 cups are still in action, with the LAN finalists still not decided yet. Stay tuned to the individual EC pages to see who will qualify.

Full coverage of the event with our very own news crew providing constant up to date action of exactly what happens as it happens, so even if you won’t be able to get there, you will get all the details from your home right here on

Tymen Boon, Founder of Wzzrd: WZZRD is excited to host the Clanbase Eurocup Finals, we warmly welcome all players, spectators and members of the Clanbase organisation planning to come to Enschede

WZZRD also hosted: ESWC Qualifiers NL, Crossfire Prizefight Challenge and will host: QCup 2007 and Crossfire Devotii Challenge

Should you have the possibility to visit the venue ? do so and come and experience the action first hand, the atmosphere and enjoy some good company. There will be a BBQ on Saturday and the bar/caf? is open during the entire event serving you refreshments.

Tymen Boon ( from Wzzrd will be happy to assist teams and any others with arranging accommodations in Enschede

For all the teams that still have a possibility of heading out to the LAN finals we wish you good luck.

We will keep you updated about the event right here on ClanBase ? so make sure you check in every day.

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