GUIDES | August 31st, 2010
Sam and Max Beyond The City that Dares to Sleep walkthrough

You have to find a team of highly trained experts. Talk to Momma Bosco, and Mr. Papierwaite will offer his assistance to be the expert on Dark Dimension creatures while after a moment, Sybil Pandemik will come down to offer her phychological powers and of course all the other skills that you need.

Use the elevator on your right and head to the exit. Move to the left and after Flint leaves, talk to Grandpa Stinky and ask him about the Corn Dogs to get the Secret Recipe. Pickup the Box of Corn dogs.

Use the Fire Escape next to Bosco tech labs. Talk to Satan and tell him Behind the scenes! When he drops the Microphone on the floor, use the Box of Corn dogs with it. This will scare away the Satan and Jurgen and will get the Vegetable oil in the Ridiculously-sized pothole.

Go near the Delivery truck and use the Box of Corn dogs from the inventory. This will get Max's attention. Wave corn dog so that he grabs the truck. Now move Sam in near the Fire exit ladder (left side of Ridiculously-sized pothole) and eat the corn dog. This will get the Corn meal in the Ridiculously-sized pothole. Go down to Bosco Tech and talk to Mr. Featherly about an Egg. He will tell you that everyone is watching him. Talk to Momma Bosco. Talk to her about the Dimensional Destabilizer and this will teleport Mr. Papierwaite away. Talk to C.O.P.S. and tell them about the Virus so that they shutdown. Talk to Agent Superball and tell him to Turn Around. This will get you an Egg from Mr. Featherly.

Go outside and use the Egg with the Ridiculously-sized pothole. Go near the Desoto and use the Box of Corn dogs and wave the corn dog. This will get Max to grab the Desoto. Now go near the Fire exit ladder (left side of Ridiculously-sized pothole) and eat the corn dog. Max will throw the Desoto in the Pothole and the little Max head minions will heat it up and make a massive Demon Corn Dog. Click on the Corn Dog DeSoto which will get you inside Max. When you get inside Max, use the Espresso beans from your inventory and use them with the Food processor near Messier Papierwaite. Now use the big tube with the brain sign on it to get to Max's brain. Use the Tumor and then use the door to the brain next to Messier Papierwaite. This will get everybody scattered. You will be thrown back in the stomach.

Getting Control of Max's legs Use the tube to go to the brain, then use the tube to go down to the legs. After talking to Sybil, take the tube which has the sign of the open box. Walk to the right and on top of the shelf, you will see the Roach Farm, use it so that the egg hatches.Use the Spare cables on the floor to transform into the small vaccum cleaner and crash into the shelf where the Roach Farm is until you drop it on the floor. This will get you the Cockroach. Move into the tube to change back into Sam. This will get you back to Sybil. Use the Cockroach with Sybil to get her on the threadmill. Now you can control Max's legs. Getting Control of Max's arms Go up and uset he tube with the sign of the arms. After talking to Papierwaite, use the Arcade machine on your left and follow the instructions below to gain 3 stars. Basically you have to say the first part in the opposite. And example is below: RightFoot Bomb – LeftHand Bacon RightHand Brass Knuckles – LeftLeg Bullet RightHand Pistol – LeftFoot Flail When you got the three stars, select any dialog and you will pass out with radiation. You will be taken back to the Brain room. Now go down to the Stomach and use the Cockroach with the Platter.

After the cutscene, pickup the Cockroach and talk to Sal. This will get you full control of arms and body. After talking to Sal, use the Max icon near the inventory icon to control Max. Now, you need to find the Battery Pack. This can be found by going in the South East direction. Once you get there click on the Battery Pack. After the cutscene Open the door near the Tumor to get into Max's brain. Here you will meet the 'Super-Ego'. Talk to him about the Master Plan twice. On the left hand side of the room there is the Curcuit Breaker, use it. Go outside and after talking to Dr. Norringthon control Max and find the spaceship of Skunkape flying around. Click on it to remember and go back to Sam. Go into the brain room near the Super-Ego and look into the Book of Memories you will see a second slide of Skunape's ship.

Use the Skunkape's Flagship slide, this will get you into one of the Samulacra's bodies and into Skunkape's ship. Use the Astral Pyramid to get into Clone HW-021-S, this will get you the Ring of keys. Use the Astral Pyramid to get into Clone SP-42-X. Use the Fuse box to open it and then use the Water bottle. Spit on the Fuse box. Use the Astral Pyramid to get into Clone HW-021-S and use the Wheel. This will put you into the original clone. Click on the Back Drop of the cell and then use the Wires on the right of the cell. This will get you free. Use the door on your right to get to the upper deck. After talking to Sammun-Mak's brain, keep asking him about the mole men until Grandpa Stinky comes out of the Mole men door. Talk to Grandpa Stinky and ask him about everything, the ask him these in the following order: Mole Processing Grandpa Stinky Skunkape He will tell you where Skunkape is.

Now go back to controlling Max. You need to find the building which Grandpa Stinky revealed and also identify the other building on the road. Federated Consolidated Building Bosco-Tech Labs Generico Incorporated Headquaters Hairy Arms Apartments Cloning Chamber Once you find the Cloning Chamber switch to Sam and use the Cloning Chamber Slide from the Memory Book in the brain room. Here, use the Fog Machine so that you can make it past the Lasers. When you get past the lasers use the Devil's Toybox Photo with the Video Camer on the floor on your left. Skunkape will come down near you. Talk to him and ask him about the Toy Robot. He will tell you that he will never give it up, then tell him you will trade it with the bomb and he will throw you the Toy Robot. No go to the tunnel passage on your right side. You will be back in Max.

Use the Toy Robot with the Tentacles near the tube. After the cutscene, use the Tear Duct between the Stomach and Arms tube. Go to the Record cabinet and pickup the record reading 'Are you there, Great Bear Spirit'. Use the Record with the Record Player. Go back to the Tear Duct and use it to escape. After the cutscene give Max's Snot to Momma Bosco and enjoy the ending.

Make sure to get past all the credits or you'll be sorry 🙂

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