ARTICLES | July 20th, 2007
Microsoft Signs Up To PEGI Online

Today it was confirmed that Microsoft has become the first platform owner to officially sign up to PEGI Online, a labelling system developed by the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) to help protect minors when they play video games online.

PEGI Online complements the existing Pan European Game Information (PEGI) system. Over the last four years PEGI has built a reputation providing parents across Europe with detailed recommendations regarding the suitability of game content for young people. The PEGI system offers dependable and accessible information, in the form of age-rating labels and content descriptors on game packaging enabling informed buying decisions. The new online system aims to extend this protection to online gaming to help ensure gamers, including the young, are able to engage with appropriate content.

PEGI Online improves the service offered by PEGI by creating a trust seal identifying those online game providers that have committed to a specific Code (PEGI Online Safety Code) and by affording parents an easy education on how to ensure safe online play and protect young people against unsuitable gaming content. This helps users to make the right decisions about what content they and their children view.

Working with PEGI, this latest move from Microsoft underlines its long standing commitment to providing a safer environment and age-appropriate content. Within the industry Microsoft has driven the effort to create safety measures that give parents and caregivers control over the best play and viewing choices for their families.

Microsoft led the way with the Xbox 360 console?s easy-to-use parental controls known as Family Settings which fully leverage and implement the PEGI ratings. In addition to today?s announcement Microsoft continues to support, develops and encourages interactive games and entertainment, which are safe, age appropriate and educational. They continue their work with industry leaders, game developers, parents, caregivers and community leaders to look for ways to keep kids safe online while playing video games.

Chris Lewis, Regional Vice President Entertainment and Devices Division said ?We?re really happy to be the first platform holder to sign up to PEGI online and to having been a major contributor to the PEGI Online Working Group. It?s a great step forward to help us extend the information, education and protection PEGI ratings give to gamers into the online space with Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE. We take responsible and safe video gaming very seriously and will continue to work with partners in empowering parents ? and provide great digital entertainment for consumers.?

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