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Wallace and Gromit The Bogey Man review

Telltale games have now made a very good impact on adventure game players with a number of games since their first debut of 'The fright of the bumblebees', here is the last episode after a four month escapade which I am sure has held you quite busy and happy. Wallace and Gromit have been a really good adventure companion with all their wacky adventures but everything has to end. Hoping to see more adventures from Wallace and Gromit, here is my review of… 'Bogey' with Wallace having a new shirt and showing off his Golf skills! As all games of Wallace and Gromit the last episode is the climax of the series which of course will have it's dose of Romance, mysteries, the all time wacky contraptions, comic relief and of course who can forget the Bogey Man.

The story starts just after the story of Muzzled where by mistake, Wallace has used a lug nut and Mrs. Flitt has taken the gesture as a marriage proposal. Of course the news spread at West Wallaby. In the morning Wallace will soon realize from the newspaper, the mistake he done and your mission is to get him out of the story with Mrs. Flitt without hurting her feelings. This time Wallace is in big trouble and only getting himself in the Country club will get him off the marriage and the evil clutches of her aunt Prudence.

All the characters from the other episodes i.e. 'Fright of the Bumblebees', 'The Last Resort' and 'Muzzled' will be present and funnier than ever with a touch of romance from Mrs. Flitt. Also Mrs. Flitt aunt Prudence will be present to monitor her niece wedding. The game features all the other characters which are present in the first and seconds episode which you will surely make them your friends. The characters are well constructed and all have unique personality and charm mixed with great voice-overs.

The game is very well built and features incredible 3D graphics which are almost as you are seeing a movie of Wallace and Gromit. A lot of detail has been taken to match the movements according to the television series and they managed to keep the same level. As regarding gameplay, it's quite a simple point and click adventure using the mouse to move the pointer on an object and using the WASD to move the character. Using the left shift will slide from the right side the inventory. It will be easy to identify objects which the character can interact with which will be highlighted with a white box.

One great feature of this game is that it's dynamic and does not stick to the same game method with a number of possibilities and fun. Apart from a full point and click adventure, the game features a number of mini action parts during gameplay which keep you stuck to the plot. In this episode, the game is much more rich and longer. During the game you will also switch characters between Wallace and Gromit. The camera movement and angle are quite good and in a way to give you that cinematic feel which in my opinion keeps you in the game.


A Wallace and Gromit game is quite interesting to have and the third chapter is quite filled with puzzle, fun and longer gameplay with added action. The story and the plot are well planned and interesting. The story of 'Bogey' is quite funny and enjoyable which makes it recommended to all. Have fun in West Wallaby Street and try not to look too much under your bed for the Bogey Man.

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