ARTICLES | July 16th, 2007
Regroup Esports enters the console market

With the purchase of the world?s second largest Xbox community, Xbox Users Group, Regroup Esports is now ready to conquer a new, giant market within the gaming industry ? the console market.

For already several years now Regroup Esports has built up know-how and in-depth experience in the business of e-sports. The team behind the company has thus seen possibilities in expanding this knowledge to new gaming fields, this time by purchasing Xbox Users Group (XUG), the second largest Xbox community in the world at

With the innovative and quite unusual purchase an e-sports company enters for the first time the giant international console market. A new step that will eventually bring two gaming worlds closer together as well as open up digital doors to a huge American target group.

?By purchasing XUG we hope to gradually bring together two separate gaming worlds ? being respectively the world of consoles and the world of e-sports. We believe that such a mix will become useful and exciting to both gamer segments. In addition to this, the purchase is very attractive for us since 60 % of all users of the XUG are from the states ? an area we?re very interested in getting to know better,? says Mark Peter Fries, CEO, Regroup Esports A/S.

More than just a fan site

According to XUG?s former owner and future Community Director, Cornelis van den Bosch, the new co-operation with Regroup Esports will also take the Xbox community to a higher level.

?A site like Xbox Users Group can only grow to a certain height as for a hobby and fan site. When Xbox Users Group over the years became this insane hobby, days, nights and weekends were spent to build up the site as it is today. But with the help of Regroup Esports, a giant in the gaming industry, XUG will in the future become much more than just a fan site. I?m looking much forward to this very interesting co-operation.?

Appearing for the first time in 2001 Xbox Users Group is one of the first sites of its kind in the world, being today the world?s second largest Xbox site. At present the site has 45.000 users who can ? among others ? post commentaries or questions about Xbox games and Xbox Live. Check out the site and all its features at

Terms and price of the XUG company purchase will not be disclosed.

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