ARTICLES | April 20th, 2009
Jumpgate Evolution Space craft line-up announced

Codemasters Online and NetDevil today unveiled the wealth of spacecraft that will be available for gamers to pilot in its fast-paced, epic space combat MMO, Jumpgate Evolution.

The in-depth Lore document and new screenshots released today demonstrate that no matter which of the in-game factions players choose to side with – be it Quantar, Solrain or Octavius – they can take the controls of a stunning variety of spacecraft, each with their own distinctive racial designs and functions.

Starting with ultra-light training ships and increasing in size through combat fighters and to the vast, hulking commercial freighters that ferry cargo across the galaxy, players are certain to find a ship type that perfectly suits their personal style of play.

Budding pilots can expect a huge variety of ships to fly at Jumpgate Evolution’s launch in June, each of which can be categorised into one of three distinct classes: Fighters, Gunboats and Commercial Cargo Ships.

– Fighters
All rookie pilots begin Jumpgate Evolution with a simple Trainer vessel, a light-duty combat craft with great handling and minimal extras, making them perfect for spaceflight learners. As players progress they can move onto more powerfully armed ships, either Combat Fighters, that specialise in ship-to-ship combat and are ideal for escort or patrol missions, or the faster, lighter Advance Fighters, which are designed for tactical reconnaissance and sabotage sorties.

– Gunboats
These heavily armed weapon platforms’ thick armour, powerful cannons and high torpedo payloads make them perfect for leading assaults on hostile capital ships, though they can be slower to manoeuvre than Fighter ships. Combat Gunboats form the backbone of any major strike force and, together with the aid of smaller support craft, pack a powerful punch. Support Gunboats possess similar levels of armour and shields as their Combat counterparts, but come loaded with Electronic Counter Measures and support abilities instead of weapons. While not directly involved in combat, they can help turn the tide of a major battle.

– Commercial Cargo Ships
Commercial ships are the heart of the galaxy’s economic welfare, moving commodities and goods throughout space. Though not suited for combat, all carry some level of shields and armament. Runners are fast, small to moderately-sized cargo vessels favoured by one-man delivery outfits along with pirates and smugglers. Freighters are vast cargo ships that trundle enormous quantities of commercial goods, legal or otherwise, throughout space.

In addition, players also have the option to fully adapt and customise their ships with a vast range of different weapons, amour set-ups and unique modifications, further increasing the enormous variety between each of the different spacecraft types that will populate the Jumpgate Evolution universe when it launches this June. For more information on Jumpgate Evolution and to sign up for BETA visit, jump over to the official site.

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