ARTICLES | June 12th, 2007
First View of the upcoming ‘The Path’

The Path is a horror game inspired by the fairy tale of Little Red Ridinghood. Just like in their first game project, 8, Tale of Tales go back to the roots of the story, where things are not as pleasant as the Grimm brothers portrayed them.

In The Path, you play Little Red Ridinghood. Not the cute blond toddler that we’re used to, but a young woman in the throws of teenage angst. When her mother sends her on an errand, she has no intention to stay on the path. But the forest is a dangerous place. Especially for lonely girl with an interest in wolves.

Tale of Tales is releasing screenshots of an internal prototype of the game. It is safe to say that the images do not represent what is coming. But they are an integral part of the development process and as such worthy of documentation. The artwork is made by Stacey Demarco (environments) and Auriea Harvey (characters).

Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn are a new breed of game designers.

With our background in sculpture and media arts, we tend to have very different ideas and methods. Our Endless Forest MMO is a good example. Initially commissioned by a museum of contemporary art, and largely funded by governmental arts support, the project continues to grow, fueled by a lively and enthusiastic player community. The players embrace the lack of chat, goals and game rules as an invitation to invent their own amusement in the game.

The Path is a single player game but it is being produced in a similar way. We have decided on the main structure of the project, but within that, no game has been designed yet. We have made a prototype with the whole environment and some characters in it. Based on this, we can make decisions about gameplay. A technology that we had developed earlier, called Drama Princess, allows us to populate a virtual world with believable autonomous characters quite easily. But now it turns out that they are having too much fun. At the expense of the gruesome tale that we are trying to tell.

Our story is about fear and uncertainty, getting lost in the forest and the inevitability of death. The music composed by Jarboe for the game already expresses this quite well. Now we are modelling the gameplay to get closer to that.

The Path is supported by Creative Capital, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, the Flemish Authorities and Design Vlaanderen.

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