REVIEWS | January 25th, 2008
The Sapphire AMD HD3870X2 Crossfire review

A few weeks back AMD released their strongest graphic card to date with two RV670 GPUs on one board the HD3870x2, although the card has a crossfire connector bridge, only lately have the drivers for Crossfire-X been released. Crossfire-X technology enables two HD3870X2's to run in a Crossfire-X configuration. So, lets See what these AMD's beasts have to offer.

Although we are going to have four GPUs, it does not mean that performance is going to be four times as much as 1x 3870 GPU since most modern games do not support multiple GPU technology, although this is improving with new titles as they are released.

The Cards
ATI Radeon HD3870X2

GPU: R670
Man. Process (nm): 55
Frequency (MHz): 775
Stream Processors: 320 x 2
Texture Units: 16 x 2
ROP:1 6 x 2
Interface: PCI Express 2.0
Memory Size (MB): 512 x 2
Memory Bus (bit): 256 x 2
Mem. Frequency (Mhz): 1900 x 2
Mem. Bandwidth (GB/s): 121,6
Memory: GDDR3
Shader Operations (Op/sec): 480400
Texture FillRate (MTex/sec): 23520
Pixel FIllRate (Mpix/sec): 23520
The Testbed

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (Stock)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS5
Memory: 4 x 1 GB DDR2 1066MHZ Corsar Dominators
Optical Drive: Samsung Sata DVD Writer
Hard Drive: 2 x Western Digital Raptor 74 GB 10 000 RPM in RAID 0 configuration
Power Supply: Enermax Galaxy 1000 Watts DXX-Edition
Monitor: AOC 19 WideScreen 1440*900

Futuremark 3D mark 2006
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
rFactor Demo
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
0 AA – 148.5 FPS
2 AA – 158 FPS
4 AA – 119.5 FPS

No AA – 209
Level 1 – 210
Level 2 – 161
Level 3 – 185
Futuremark 3D mark 2006

16 AA, AF 1440*900 – 16, 303M


Overall the cards are great for those that want to see high scores in 3D mark but are not as beneficial in games. Buying two HD3870X2 gives you little improvement over buying only one card.

The cards themselves are great performers but at the moment the drivers do not unleash the real power of the cards themselves. Also present games do not fully support Multiple GPUs which is a downfall but as mentioned this is expected to improve with newer titles. However, performance improves as the resolution is increased.

With this huge card heat is not a problem, GPUs were kept well under 75*C in-game. The huge fan on the card effectively cools both GPUs without much noise. In fact, its pretty quite compared to an HD2900XT.

At a price of 349€, the card is a good bang for the buck, keeping in mind you can also crossfire it with slower cards such as HD3870, HD3850, etc.

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"Quite Good"
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