REVIEWS | January 8th, 2008
Race Driver: GRID review

Race Driver: Grid, we must say it's the best combination of an arcade racer and hardcore simulator all in one awesome game for PC and consoles powered by the renewed game engine named Ego giving an intense and adrenaline filled action and experience never known.

You will start by entering your profile information, with your nick name and country. You will get yourself in a rookie race with a great space zoom into the race track with a Dodge Viper, to get your first license and start your life in the Grid world. After finishing the race, you will need to raise your first €60,000 to put your team in the Grid. To raise your first bunch of money you have to race for other teams and get money for achieving their targets and a little bonus if you exceed expectations. You will start with a small garage and a Mustang to get you started.

At a later stage in Grid, you will name your team and start ranking in the racing events. With the racing events you will be able to improve your rank as a driver and improve your team's rank. After some time you will get the opportunity to get a team mate to race with you for more money and ranking points. You and your team mate will battle for the first place and winning the race event. By time if you find that the team mate is not up to your standard, one can change the team mate. Every team mate will have different skills and have their best racing type.

Along with the team mate, to make money one will be offered sponsors with big money and great expectations. Every sponsor has its expectations and amount to giveaway which when having the right combination of sponsors will give you a great reward at the end of the race.In Grid you will be able to race for point to gain a better license in the three regions which are USA, Europe and Japan having their respective disciplines including muscle car racing, touring cars, drifting and duel in downhill and uphill.

One cannot stop from commenting from the great replay sensation that Grid gives and captures your great drifts or crashes in a great cinematic, dramatic view, precision and experience. One great feature during the replay is the flashback feature where you will be able to continue in a point in time of your choice in the instant replay. The flashbacks are limit and you should be using them wisely because they would save you from restarting the race either from avoiding a bad crash or a bad overtake.

The only bad comment on the replay that I could give is the lack to save your replays to hard drive, to show either your great skills or some of the spectacular crashes that you would have, like the one I had the other day. I managed to capture the moment with a third party software because it a crash impossible to reproduce. The video is available below.

Apart from the replay high details, a great attention was taken in the game for the user's view, which include a very detailed cockpit view, Bonnet view, and a third person view with a great movement in the change. Grid is never static and when changing from something to another there is nothing static. Even when changing a view you will see something moving and not an immediate change. When going to a race one has to choose wisely the car for the race because it could cost you the winning point. In Grid you will have the choice from 45 cars, which can be modified only with paint and graphic design.

When buying cars you will have the opportunity to either buy a new car or find something second hand from the virtual eBay motors where you will find good cars which have won many races at good prices. Be aware when choosing a car because it will affect your performance… so be sure to check the amount of times the car got totaled and the mileage. Well, if you wouldn't like your car or you didn't find it good for the racing event you want… you can always sell it on eBay motors for a good price!Although there aren't much car modifications, one must glaze at the damage system that Codemasters have implemented which include crumpling of the car body. If you like to do a destruction derby during your racing, think again since you will also damage your wheels, engine and suspension which could cost you a dramatic crash effect of your car. The damage effect is one of a kind in Grid, which goes very close to reality while capturing the impact of the crash with great camera effect will make you feel bad for your car.

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