ARTICLES | April 5th, 2007
Nintendo DS 2Gb Space?

Any form of advantage the PSP held over the DS & DS Lite is now completely closed thanks to the DS-Xtreme 2GB! Boasting 2GB of on-board memory, the new video game enhancer from DS-X allows DS and DS Lite owners to push the limits of Nintendo?s top selling handheld console. Gamers can launch free homebrew games written for the DS by some incredibly talented independent developers, listen to their favourite audio tracks, view pictures and even watch quality video files on the popular handheld. Moreover, the DS-Xtreme hands-down offers the best value for money ratio on the market, its massive 2GB of storage space is 18 TIMES larger than that offered by wishful competitors.

The DS-Xtreme 2GB is suitable for gamers of any skill level to just pick up play, it?s incredibly easy to use! Just connect the cartridge to your PC via the housed USB port and drag and drop all your homebrew games, applications, movies, audio files and more ready for instant playback on the device. There?s enough memory to hold over 20 episodes of your favourite shows, over 50 music albums and the complete library of available homebrew software. Once you?re done filling the cartridge, simply remove it from the USB port, insert it into the DS and enjoy awesome levels of new functionality!

Offering an intuitive and upgradeable on-board operating system, owners of the DS-Xtreme 2GB can rest assured that the product will remain future proof and be privy to even more superb functionality in due course. The benchmark has been raised and will benefit fans of the DS and DS Lite across the globe. DS-Xtreme is back, bigger and better than ever and at a great price!

Xtreme functionality, One device, Limitless opportunity:

A single unified device ? NOTHING else required
Compatible with ALL DS original and DS Lite handheld units
Optimal compatibility for homebrew, audio, video and other media files
High speed internal memory provides fastest possible file access times, NO slow-downs
100% Plug ?N Play, no drivers or extra software required
Easy to use upgradeable on-board operating system
Massive 2GB (2048 Megabytes) of memory included
Compact unit, no bigger than the size of an original DS cartridge ? no sticking out!
Gamers can design and publish their own OS themes to be used on the DS-Xtreme 2GB
Lovable applications such as Sudoku, calculator and Pong act as a testament to the power of the skinning engine
Custom engineered components such as a high-speed USB 2.0 connector

The DS-Xtreme 2GB will soon be shipping across the world; the retail price is set at just USD 129.95 (USD). Final launch date will be announced soon.

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