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TV Show King For Wii Ware Release Fact Sheet

Become King of a fun TV trivia show! Confront friends and family with your Mii and see who is the smartest!

Confront friends and family in a TV quiz game show! Let your Mii try to answer fun and challenging trivia questions, from the classics to original stumpers, spanning across history, geography, literature, science, sports and entertainment! For an extra challenge, use your Wii Remote in original ways.Make it to the finals and see who can win the greatest amount of cash in one last, ultimate duel. TV Show King will challenge your brain! Now, get ready… get set… and go play TV Show King!

- Have fun and test your general knowledge with more than 3,000 questions on all kinds of subjects; for an alternately serious and hilarious game.

- Use your own customized Mii as your in game character for a truly immersive experience.

- Numerous entertaining themes including music, cinema, entertainment, history, geography, sports, common knowledge, fun and pop culture.

- Answer the questions following the different game rules: use your Wii Remote as a torch light, as a scratching tool or as a pointer.

- A true animated TV set: highly colourful characters (a host, a DJ and a cheering crowd)

- A turning wheel to spice up the game: double your gain, loose everything or swap your cash!

- Increasing tension with an increasing difficulty and stakes!

Title: TV Show King
Developer: Gameloft
Number Of Players: 1 – 4 players
Genre: Trivia, TV Quiz, TV Show
Controllers Used: Wii Remote
PEGI Rating: 3+
Additional Information: Supports Miis

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