ARTICLES | May 14th, 2008
Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition Last Touches As It Goes Gold

Capcom Entertainment, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, announced today that Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition has gone gold. Lost Planet Colonies Edition will be available for the Xbox 360 video game entertainment system from Microsoft, as well as Windows-based PCs that support Games for Windows – LIVE. The suggested retail price is USD 29.99. Capcom plans to ship Lost Planet Colonies Edition on May 27, 2008.

This is one of the most robust updates to a Platinum title ever! Capcom has gone above and beyond to bring the epic Lost Planet experience to an expanded audience. Lost Planet Colonies Edition provides the compelling single player experience found in the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, with the addition of three new modes. In Score Attack, all enemies have points assigned to them and the score awarded will change depending on how they are defeated, with skilled marksmen being rewarded. For those who thrive on a challenge, Trial Battle Mode delivers the goods, pitting players against all of the game’s bosses, one after another. Players of both Score Attack and Trial Battle modes will be able to compare their skills and compete for bragging rights via the online ranking system. Finally, for fans that want to take their skills to a whole new level, the new Off Limit Mode will allow players to take on Lost Planet’s harsh environments and enemies with over-the-top, super-charged weapons and a powered-up grappling hook.

Fans of multiplayer action will not be disappointed as Lost Planet Colonies Edition allows them to enjoy 4 new maps, 5 new playable characters, 10 new weapons and 7 new multiplayer modes. Players become poachers as they attempt to steal opponents’ alien Akrid eggs in a number of individual and team play modes, while the addition of VS Annihilator Mode assigns one robotic Vital Suit to each team, which must be defended at all cost. Lost Planet Colonies Edition also includes the feature that Lost Planet fans across the globe have been clamoring for – the ability to play as a gigantic marauding Akrid. Revel in the chance to turn the tables on the Snow Pirates as you assume the role of one of E.D.N. III’s indigenous creatures in Akrid Hunting mode.

All of these modes can be played across a total of 20 diverse maps, including a number of brand-new multiplayer arenas set in areas such as the confines of an ancient coliseum or the broad expanse of desert. For the first time, Xbox 360 owners will be able to join up with or play against Windows-based PC gamers, thanks to Lost Planet Colonies Edition’s cross-platform compatibility.

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