REVIEWS | May 12th, 2008
Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed Wii review

The games takes us in the 60s where there is a fast food chain restaurant named Bill Willy with a terrible secret. The hot dogs may taste good… but what are you really tasting? In front of the Big Willy's fast food restaurants, there is a cheery rosy-cheeked irresistible mascot named Big Willy.

There is no wonder that Big Willy served over ten million humans… the secret of the Big Willy restaurant is actually hidden in those loveable statues in front of every restaurant which is really a devastating war machine armed up with Furon weaponry, capable of creating havoc in an up close and personal way!

Of course… those people who are fans of the film 'Mars Attack' would really love this game with the difference that this time it's not you watching a movie with aliens destroying earth, but you will be 'Crypto' the alien which will slave and destroy all humans, hates disco music and smartasses.

'Crypto' Will have a lot of powers which unfortunately at first they will be locked, but one of the features which will kill the human who is shot at, gain his DNA and increases 'Crypto's health is the Anal Probe. 'Crypto' will also have the standard Zap-O-Matic which will shoot a huge bolt of electrical shock to the person while it can also be used to recharge a big willy. The Disintegrator is a cool weapon which fire a ball of energy which will disintegrate everything in it's path. The other weapons of our hero… we will leave you to discover them.

'Pox' although he's dead.. his presence is confined in a holographic projection and guides our hero 'Crypto' in his mission to stop the protestors from unveiling the real story behind Big Willy Restauant.

The culprite behind all these protests is 'Patty Wurst' which although she's an active militant activist and also anrachist has the police under bribes because she is a fashion supermodel billionare heiress which is making it hard for 'Pox' and 'Crypto' to finish their project to destroy all humans. She thinks that the secret behind Big Willy is that instead of meat, the owner are using real humans! She's dead wrong but she still poses as a treat and will make it hard for our heros to complete their task.

Big Willy is armed with three ways of devastation. First, there is the Heat Beam Eyes – similar to the saucer's death ray, but this system can be aimed freely at targets while Big Willy drives through the streets!. Also, when Big Willy jumps, he lands with concussion-inducing thud that'll give everyone nearby an Excedrin headache! One musn't also forget the feature that with one quick discharge from the Regurg-a-tron, that offensives are reduced to a chunky smoldering puddle that even seagulls won't touch.

The game is set as a third person view using the Nunchuck for movement and the Wii Remote for the shooting aim or throwing of the people away!

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"Not Bad indeed"
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