REVIEWS | May 11th, 2008
No More Heroes Wii review

No More Heroes is a great action game with a touch of dark humor directed by Goichi Suda which is also known as Suda51. The anime style game is about 'Travis Touchdown' which is a killer who lives in Santa Destrou and after some unexpected events is approached by 'The Association' which is the Assassin's Organization to challange himself and to see if he's worth to be the number one killer in the list.

The main character and player's control character is Travis Touchdown. No More Heroes is a free game which will allow the player to move and interact with the city of Santa Destroy. The user will be able to move in foot or in his motorcyle 'Schpltiger'. The player cannot just go through the assassination list and be number one… he must pay the initial fee for the fight.


To get the money, Travis needs to goto the job center to get part time jobs, or to the assasination jobs which will give good cash which will help you gather enough money for the initial fee.

In Santa Destroy the player will find a lot of things to customize the player which include a gym to strengthen the body, clothing shop and a weapon shop. Also the player will be able to rent some video tapes which can be seen at the motel on his TV set.

Controls are pretty simply using bothe the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck. With the Remote the user will control the fightign weapons and the nunchuck for the movement of the charafter. Attacks are performed with the 'A' button and by moving the Wii Remote Up and Down the player will control Travis Beam Katana strike to be iether 'High' or 'Low'. Also with the 'A' the user will be able to perform the death blow to the dying opponent. Since the Beam Katana uses energy, the Katana needs to be charged and the player much by shaking the Wii Remote to charge it's batteries

Travis will have a dark side which will be enabled when the three icons in the slot machine line up which include special killing schemes, or firing blows to the enemies with critical hits.

No More Heroes is a great game for people who are fans of films such as Kill Bill or Anime action movies. The game is really involving and will get you hooked until you will be the number one assassin and finally get the chance to sleep with Silvia Christel which Travis is deeply stuck on.

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"Not Bad indeed"
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