ARTICLES | March 29th, 2007
Americas Army 2.8.1

A new release for the America?s Army series is out, together with new content and bug fixes. Note that the patch 2.8.1 and maybe another forthcoming patch 2.8.2, will only contain bug fixes and maybe extra maps. This is due to the fact that all of the crew is working on the new AA 3.0 which will use Unreal Engine 3.

Now let us get back to AA 2.8.1, and see what was added to this new patch.

Four new maps were added and this time the main designers/creators of these four maps were not part of the AA crew. They were created by students who graduated from The Guildhall University at SMU. They created the maps using the map editor that was included with AA 2.8, however they co-operated with the AA crew. The four new maps are:

SF Refinery
SF Old Town
SF Floodgate
River Village

Notice that the first three maps are all Special Forces maps and therefore one to play these maps need to have all training, including the new training introduced with the 2.8 patch.

This patch also fixes a lot of small bugs which where found in the 2.8 version, for more information about the bug fixes, please Click here

AA also decided to start the testing for the TrackIR, though it is still in its testing phases and it is not fully supported in this patch, it may be possible that in a nearer future it will be fully supported.

The following are the briefings of the new maps:

SF Refinery

A terrorist cell has announced its intent to capture a high profile petroleum engineer and thereby disrupt petroleum production and the U.S. Economy. U.S. Special Forces must safeguard the engineer from terrorist action.

SF Old Town

U.S. Infantry conducts a raid within a small, rural village in a tropical location to secure sensitive data. Intelligence reports suggest a terrorist organization is attempting to seize this information currently located in a safe house controlled by allied forces. The U.S. Special Forces team must secure this information and thereby thwart future enemy attacks.

SF Floodgate

Intelligence indicates a gathering terrorist threat to critical hydroelectric facilities. Should terrorist forces capture or destroy these facilities the local indigenous population residing in the low-lying valleys could be threatened or flooded. The U.S. Special Forces team must secure the hydroelectric facilities and prevent the terrorist forces from planting and detonating explosive devices.

River Village

Enemy forces have seized a small rural village adjacent to a seasonal river and are now using it as a base of operation. Intelligence reports suggest the local residents are under duress and have been dispersed throughout the village. U.S. Special Forces Soldiers must enter the village, secure the three objectives and reclaim control of the village, while minimizing damage to the local infrastructure.

More info on the official site

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