ARTICLES | April 29th, 2008
Want To Play Grand Theft Auto IV On Launch Day For Free?

Grand Theft Auto IV, which is undoubtedly set to be this years’ biggest video game release will be hitting the shelves tomorrow. The iconic action game franchise by Rockstar Studios looks set to take the gaming world by storm with a feast of new missions and virtual world gameplay.

Every store nationwide will be stocking the game although early indications are that the majority of retailers have already sold out of their pre-order allocation. So if you haven’t already ordered the game, how do you get your hands on a copy I hear you cry?

Well, there is a gaming angel in the form of leading online video games rental firm The company has stated that it will have plenty of copies available when the game goes on release to satisfy subscriber demand. Better yet, offer all new customers a ten day free trial so you will be able to play the game in full for free!

‘Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the biggest video games ever to go on release. It has been at the top of our rental charts for several months now so we knew the demand would be huge’ said CEO Marc Day.

With you will find a completely new way to fuel your gaming habit with their innovative subscription based video games service. From as little as GBP 9.99 per month you can have unlimited access to over 6000 video games titles from the latest blockbusters to all time classics. Sign up for their free trial and simply add the games you want to play to your list, sit back and relax. SwapGame will send your top choice games via 1st class post to your door within 1-2 days. You play the games as long as you like and when you are done, simply send them back to swap for more titles.

What’s more, if you really don’t want to send GTA IV back after playing the game, you can pick it up for a pre-played price on the SwapGame website. Simply click the ‘Keep It’ button and the disc is all yours. The company will send you the brand new box and instructions for keeps. Neat hey?

So now you can immerse yourself in the huge virtual world of GTA IV, safe in the knowledge that you have stumbled on the best kept secret to hit the video games industry, unlimited video games delivered on tap to your door.

Grand Theft Auto IV is released by Rockstar Studios on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is available to rent from on 29th April 2008.

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