ARTICLES | April 15th, 2008
BradyGames Booked for the productionof the Grand Theft Auto IV Official Guide

Official strategy guide expert, BradyGames today announces it has been working exclusively with Rockstar Games on the Grand Theft Auto IV Official Strategy Guide – the ultimate accessory to the year’s most highly anticipated game. Published by Dorling Kindersley, for PAL regions, the guide, which is the only choice for gamers looking to discover everything Liberty City has to offer, will be released the same day as the game on 29th April 2008, with an RRP of GBP 12.99.

Like Liberty City itself, BradyGames’ Grand Theft Auto IV Official Guide is vast, weighing-in at 288 pages + 10-page foldout and has been written by two of the videogames industry’s most highly respected guide authors, Tim Bogenn and Rick Barbain, in direct collaboration with Rockstar Games for PlayStation3 and Xbox 360. Everything from game basics, tips and weapons to vehicle missions, new multiplayer options, secrets and a full walkthrough are covered in lush detail, providing gamers with the only word on the Liberty City streets they’ll ever need to extort the most out of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Today also sees the launch of ‘Rockstar Social Club’ – an online leaderboard and community hub where GTA players will be able to measure their gameplay against their peers and compare various awards. Rockstar will be giving away very limited supplies of awards to players who achieve certain milestones first. The Official Guide is the only place you’ll find a complete list of how to attain all of the game’s Achievement Points and the associated bragging rights that go with knowing you’ve completed some of the game’s most gruelling tests before anyone else.

Beautifully crafted and illustrated, readers of this, the official companion guide to the world’s most anticipated game, can benefit from the hundreds of hours of play both authors have invested in covering every square foot of gameplay; no stone, cardboard box or back street ‘trash can’ has been left unturned to guarantee players get the utmost from a game featuring an unprecedented number of stories to tell, opportunities to take advantage of, secrets to discover, and rewards to stockpile.

Gary June, CEO, Dorling Kindersley, said: The Grand Theft Auto series is a phenomenon and enjoys a following unlike any other game series. It’s perhaps unsurprising, then, that anticipation for Grand Theft Auto IV has been gathering apace for a long, long time. It’s easily the most anticipated game of 2008 and we are delighted to be working once again with Rockstar Games on the official guide.

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