ARTICLES | March 19th, 2008
Empire of Sports goes for Private Launch for 15,000 lucky VIP People!

In order to build the basis for its rapidly growing community, Empire of Sports, the amazing new sports-based MMORPG from Infront Sports & Media and French company F4, has decided to open its doors to an exclusive and select band of 15,000 players, otherwise known as the VIPs, or Very Important Players.

The recruitment of these VIPs starts today all over Europe, thanks to the exclusive support of leading community websites partners: for the UK, and for France, and and for Germany. As the first ever virtual sporting world incorporating both MMO gameplay and social networking elements, Empire of Sports continues to innovate the MMO genre with this exciting and unique new way of progressively launching to the public.

VIPs will be Empire of Sports’ first real players

VIPs receive a Gold Pass on arrival that provides them with unlimited access to the currently available sports, full avatar progression and a head start in front of other players as they get to keep all of their progression and equipment once the game goes into full launch later in the year.

As befits someone of genuine VIP status, the 15,000 new Empire of Sports’ players will receive the full attention of both Empire of Sports’ community and development teams: from fully organised and regular tournaments, to prompt feedback to tweaking requests, everything will be done to ensure VIPs receive the very best gaming experience. Better still, VIPs also have the chance to invite one of their friends to join them in the game, as every new Empire of Sports VIP automatically receives a second, full VIP access code.

VIPs to make Empire of Sports THEIR EMPIRE OF SPORTS!

VIPs start Empire of Sports with access to one city and four sports: training, skiing, bobsleigh and tennis. The other sports – basketball, athletics and football, currently still in beta – will be added progressively to the game content, with VIPs able to apply to join each of these sport’s beta tests individually.

Over the coming months additional VIP places will become available for aspiring virtual athletes. These new VIPs will help to reinforce and diversify Empire of Sports’ community, until all the VIP’s are happy with their Empire of Sports and ready to share it with the rest of the world!

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