Combat Arms taking new height

Nexon are introducing a new map called the Crystal Tower to optimize combat experience, hazardous heights, breakable surfaces and more →
MEDIA | 4 days ago

Wildstar Warplots Flicks on 40 vs 40

Prepare for 40 vs 30 PvP Battle Royals with massive fortresses, winnings beyond imagination, Warplots got it all! →
ARTICLES | 4 days ago

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil fever starts now

EA have released today the new FIFA World Cup game to start off the fever for all football fans on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 →
ARTICLES | 5 days ago

Moebius Empire Rising now here for PC and Mac

A sophisticated, story-driven interactive thriller, is the first in an original series of titles from renowned game designer and novelist Jane Jensen →
ARTICLES | 5 days ago
George and Nico wrap up their greatest adventure yet with availability on PC, Linux and Mac with others coming shortly →
ARTICLES | 5 days ago
The zombies and plants turn western with the Garden Warfare game pack on Xbox 360 →
ARTICLES | 5 days ago
Finally Mac users can enjoy the Director's Cut from today with a number of improvements →
ARTICLES | 5 days ago
Released today and introducing the biggest single update for new game features since the original launch →
MEDIA | 6 days ago
Let's travel in this fantastic and artistic game and explore the world of Lemuria where amazing things are waiting for us in this magical world. →
ARTICLES | 1 week ago
Spirit medium Rosa Blackwell and her spectral guide Joey Mallone are about to embark on the most important case of their lives →
MEDIA | 1 week ago
The new breath taking trailer for PC and with the power of Nvidia going around Chicago as presented by Aiden Pearce →
ARTICLES | 1 week ago
Including a new background story, new user interface as well as new character and weapon designs for all three classes →
MEDIA | 2 weeks ago
A number of goodies including cap, mask and in-game content for your Watch_Dogs experience →
ARTICLES | 2 weeks ago
Revealing further details around its Guild Wars 2 megaservers and announces their biggest sales discount ever →
ARTICLES | 3 weeks ago
The new hidden objects adventure puts you in the shoes of Alice saving the inhabitants from the Jabberwock, Android soon to be released →
ARTICLES | 3 weeks ago
BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. brings free-to-play ZOMBIE STAMPEDE for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch →
ARTICLES | 3 weeks ago
Atlantic sailing, Adewele and other characters; and New York is what the speculations are saying about Assassin's Creed Comet →
MEDIA | 3 weeks ago
Take a walk on Watch Dogs' version of Chicago in this freshly released trailer from Ubisoft →
ARTICLES | 3 weeks ago
Browser-based MMORPG promising a hearty helping of Chinese mythology, launching its alpha test today. →
ARTICLES | 3 weeks ago
New matchmaking, new customization options and an easier experience for new users →



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