Project Cars delayed till March 2015

Being developed alongside a community of over 85,000 racing fans and real-life professional drivers, to polish the game and deliver the most authentic and realistic game →
ARTICLES | 1 day ago

Ryse: Sone of Rome wins Game Design Award

Also nominated for Best Trailer/Opener, claimed the Best Game Design trophy in spite of tough competition →
ARTICLES | 6 days ago

Trick or Treat on Settlers Online

Everything is spooky this Halloween for the Settlers as the Pumpkin Hunt, Golem and other scary stuff is coming →
MEDIA | 6 days ago

The Crew customisation trailer

The many ways to customize your ride depending on the terrain being Street, Performance, Dirt, Raid, Circuit and more →
MEDIA | 6 days ago
Dive into the open sea and explore the new World War II update by exploring the German Battleship, the Bismarck →
ARTICLES | 6 days ago
Get the chance to win a high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU for your creativity in level design, fan fiction and HQ screenshots →
ARTICLES | 6 days ago
Coming this November 14th Nintendo 3DS players will benefit from exciting 7 new modes →
ARTICLES | 1 week ago
Get ready to expand this week with more players, more groups, more capacity and more raid for WildStar →
REVIEWS | 2 weeks ago
It's 1920 and the boom for real estate is going to be big with the real estate agent Alfie Banks in New York City and Miami →
ARTICLES | 2 weeks ago
PC featuring full screen mode, 60 FPS support from launch and, due to many requests from fans, Japanese Voice support with subtitles →
GUIDES | 2 weeks ago
For those players who are really really really stuck in the game, here is a little help or guide on how to pass the adventure game →
ARTICLES | 2 weeks ago
The new DLC will take players from the clouds of utopia in Empire of the Sky to the ruins of a forgotten civilization under the sea →
ARTICLES | 2 weeks ago
KeenSWH to joins forces with BinaryNow,Inc for delivering 3D-printing models from Space Engineers →
ARTICLES | 2 weeks ago
The game gets delayed by not too much and releasing 2nd December with console's closed beta this November →
ARTICLES | 2 weeks ago
Fans eagerly awaiting the release of classic adventure game remake Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition →
MEDIA | 2 weeks ago
Here's a trailer illustrating Assassin's Creed main character background story and how he joined the creed →
ARTICLES | 3 weeks ago
The demo for the 1920s adventure of the new entrepreneur Alfie Banks is here for PC, Mac and Linux →
MEDIA | 3 weeks ago
The weapons of Kyrat trailer takes us to the weapons you will be using in a trailer full of mayhem and explosions for your enjoyment →
ARTICLES | 4 weeks ago
Experience Project Widow where you can explore the streets of Paris, find secret places and win nifty prizes for Assassin's Creed Unity →
ARTICLES | 4 weeks ago
GRID 2 will be releasing to Mac on the 25th September available in digital format by various partners →



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